Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lesbo sekalian alam

Assalamuaikum. Hello Saturday. Suddenly I miss my lesbo so much. More than word I could say nor write.

To my craziest sexay lesbo: Dayang Nur Adiba Natasha, Amalina, Nur Fatihatun and Nur Fajrina.
I hope you guys always happy and having a great life. I miss to laugh out loud, sing out loud and teasing with you guys. I'm sorry if I ever made you guys worried or annoy you guys with my annoying attitude. Oh well, thats me. Hihi. I'm really missssssssseeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd you guys. A lot. Seriously. I found our picture. Remember the moments, guys?

Farah :)

*gambar duak tahun lepas dekat rumah nenek gue*

*gambar raya tahun lepas dekat rumah lesbo, Dinda Fatihah*

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