Tuesday, March 27, 2012

25 lists

1. Real name? Farah Nadirah Ismail
2.Current crush? G-Dragon aw aw
3.Addiction? Foods
4. How tall am I? I'm short. 150cm
5. Relationship status? Jackass own
6. Girls I trust? Girl friends, mom, siblings and cousin.
7. Boys I trust? Dad, guy friends and boyfriend<3
8. Current mood? Happy all the time
9. When was the last time I did something for first time? last Friday night
10. Confession; I'm inlove with  Mohd Shafiqal Noorizam the jackass
11. Who I miss? Along and lesbo-s sekalian :(
12. Who I last hugged? Mohd Shafiqal
13.  Who understand me? Myself
14.  Someone who always there for me: Allah SWT
15. Last text? baby jackass
16. Who's a stranger? idk and idc
17. Who makes me laugh the most? my boyfriend the baby jackass
18. Who I do the craziest stuff with: my boyfriend
19. Who makes me smile? Everyone
20. What am I listening to? Dubstep, every type of songs
21. Favourite colour? Blue pink white
22. Enemy: No one actually idk lah
23. Best friends? My girl friends
24. Second confess? I'm food lover
25. What I hate? Dirty place

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