Sunday, November 6, 2011

Salam AidilAdha

Asalamualaikum. Happy Eid-ul Adha readers ;D I don't feel any different today. As usual, me: Twitter. Facebook. Youtube. Eat. Sleep. GAHHH. These day are just fine! I'm so happy 'cause everything seems like back to normal. My Reza comeback, eventho my feelings toward him already change. But our sweet memories still playin' in my brain. Seriously, no boy would ever replace him.  I swear. Today, I receive a message from him. And as usual, I'm not gonna reply his text. EGO? I guess yes. Actually, I just want to be single and I'm not ready with any foolish relationship. Enough with what I've been thru this year. I love being single 'cause I can befriend with any guy or going out anytime without asking permission to a 'boyfriend'. Well, I feel ohsomeeeee! :D Plus I'm too lazy to reload and texting. Someday, If there is a boy who makes me reload and text him. Then, he's the one. LOL xD

Readers, got to go now. I want to eat. Then S T U D Y. Again, Salam AidilAdha.

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