Friday, November 4, 2011

kisah minggu ini

Asalamualaikum. Selamat Malam. Hujan lebat doh tonite. Sejok gilaaaaaa. Aku nak update tentang hmm guess what? Reza coming back. Seriously, dia text aku 31 Oktober, one day after my birthday. I didn't reply him but the next day I reload and text him back. I don't know what did he want from me. It seems like he want me back. but yeah after what he had done to me last 4 month. I do love him. But.. haha there's a but, ehemm.. I don't wanna be with him. I know I deserve someone better.

hey hey, last 3 month ago. There's this boy who already catch my eye and my hearts. I like his playful attitude. So adorable eh :P his form 4 student, my junior. You know what? My guy friends tell him that I like him. I was like WHATHEFISHHHHHHHH I'm death! Today, as usual I lalu kelas dia lepas pulang dari toilet. Dia dekat luar kelas and say hi to me 'eh Farah! HI' Awwwww shit! He already knew I like him but still nak kacau I. BESTTT DOH :D aku angau nih! before tido petang and after bangun tido aku terus senyum lebar. And sekarang pun aku masih senyum. Haha *ketawa senang hati.

Next next week dah SPM. Aku nervous ni wei tapi still jugak online nonstop plus makin M A L A S. Nevermind save the best for the last. Well, sampai sini coretan aku malam nih. Goodnight pipol. Sweetdreams :*

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