Monday, July 4, 2011

sengil chuka hamida

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yong Doo Joon. I love you with all my heart since last years. it has been 1 year I'm in love with you. I hope one day I can meet you FACE-TO-FACE. I hope there's a guy like you at Miri. yes I meet sweet and cute guy like you. but he's not mine. silly is it. I can't even make boy stay with me. that's so not hot. again Yong Du Jun, Happy Birthday. I hope you will meet your true love. haihhh. what time is it? where is my Hafizzan? lama betul tolong cousin dia. haha. lelaki memang kalau dah melepak, boleh gila nak tunggu. tapi takpa, aku kan COOL :D takpayah kongkong, kalau betol dia sayang aku. dia takkan timbulkan masalah. so I don't tell you guys is it? I have a boyfriend, again. his from Miri, 17 years old, haven't meet although same live at Permy. okay, that it. tak nak cakap lebih. I don't want to expect much, Ayah say not too much.

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