Monday, March 19, 2012

Early in the morning post

Assalamualaikum readers :)
It has been long time since I updated my last post. Kinda busy with works. A week from today, I'm no longer a worker. I'd got my old boring life back..and I miss that moment so bad where I only helped Mom with house works, eating and sleeping. I think I should gain my weight back. With my height 150cm and my weight only 39kg was totally not stable. I wanna be a hot fat girl. So cuteeeeeeeeeeeee bah :3 Actually, I'm just arrive home. Come back from Esplanade and Taman Awam with my friends. Havin' fun with them.Two days to go to go back to my ex-school. I wonder what is my SPM's result. Is it good good or badddd? I hope I get a good result and everything going to be okay. Because that is only way I can thank to my parent. I know I'm not a good little angel kind behaviour but at least with my good result I can make 'em proud to have a daughter like me. Wowww. I need to charge my energy. So, good bye *poof*

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