Friday, November 11, 2011

Random talk from me :D

Asalamualaikum. Hey hey pipol. Banyak benda aku nak cerita tapi aku boleh cerita duak benda jak dekat sitok.

Firstly, today is 11 november, next Monday, 14 November is the day. SPM starts! Am I ready? Actually I'm ready only for certain subject, my favourite subject. Hihi. But I will do the best for the others subject cause everybody know SPM is the last exam for Form 5 students for this year(2011). Wish me good luck. I hope I can make my parent proud when the result come out. I want to prove to people I'm not only a noob little girl.

Next, my crush seems like give me an extremely great respons. He know I like him but still kacau kacau I. At first, I thought I'm the one who terlebih perasan. But actually I'm not. He do smile at me and today.. when I was online my Facebook account. One notification came in. 'Zaimie **** likes you photo' and I was like DAMNNNNNNNNNN! he likes my picture and leave a comment. he said I'm cute. Wadafakkkkkkk! Thankyou Allah. Tauk tauk jk I frust sikdapat take picture with him. Then miracle happen, he tegur me at Facebook and we chat for a while. Dohhhh he's ADORABLE!

I guess I should stop here. I want to do Maghrib prayer, dinner and study. Next time after SPM I write here gik. Sorry if this post buang masa korang. :D

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