Thursday, June 30, 2011

my mouth say Arghhhhhhhh

Asalamualaikum. perasaan aku time type entri ni memang banyak. takut, nak nangis, happy nak gila dan lain lain lah. tadi aku jumpa Mr.MF lagi, dia yang nak datang. hee :D so aku cakap, datang lah and takkan nak halau. then, dia sampai around 8 macam tu dengan kawan kawan dia. oh damn. aku takut nak jumpa dia sebab mama aku dah cakap dia tak suka Mr.MF aku. so faham fahamlah, kalau mak ayah tak restu, hubungan tu takkan menjadi. so for now, I trust no boys even my MF. he's too easy going. I don't know if he really serious with me. his too sweet and now I can't even tell my parent how much I want him. so blahhhhhh. I don't care. I don't to expect too much with our relationship. If he love me, he will never leave me is it? haihhhhh why my life seems to be so much pain. boys come and go just like I've got no feeling. tadi Mr.MF cakap ILOVEYOU face-to-face dekat aku. may be he didn't mean it, is it?

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