Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Feeling I Get After Finishing My Last Exam.

ohh. my exam already finish. one word for today, im so damn HAPPY. the exam is not that hard. whats wrong with me this year, i dont even serious with my study. damn. haha. i dont even study, so what the hell with me didnt study for the Final Exam? =.='

yesterday, Cikgu Yap give our marks for paper 1 Physics and Math. i guess my marks just okay, because Physics 25/50 , Math 23/40. that sokay. while waiting for exam Sivik start at 1115, i sat with Wenndy, checking our Prisip Akaun paper 1.

before exam start, Amol and me go to toilet, i think i wanna pee, but i didnt. i dont fell like wanna pee after seeing the toilet was so dirty. yuks! then, we go back to class. Sivik exam start. for about 15 minute my classmate and me finish our exam paper. Gosh. haha :D i cant believe today was last day for my final exam this year. from tomorrow, only two more weeks before HOLIDAY!
yeahhhhhhh! this Friday i dont want to go to school. i dont care eh eh eh eh eh.

i feel like i want to burn my teks book! bahahaha. okay. i want to do my important work * online-ing, gaming, facebooking*

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