Friday, April 6, 2012

I miss hell

Hello. I miss my girlfriends. So badly. Lately, I always going out with my boyfriend and other friends. How I wish I can go out with my best girlfriends. Sobs. How I wish I can laugh out loud with them. Having our wild teenage time together. Not too wild. Just a little bit. I hope we can go to the beach 1 am in the morning. Going to the beach every weekends and go to cinema every ladies night. Isn't that what every besties will do together? Maybe we can't do that because Adiba and Fatihah still working. Amalina was at KL. Someday we will having fun together. Me and Fajrina goin to futher our study at the same place. Already register. Still at the same place even we're not take same course. Hihi. Idk where Fatihah, Adiba and Amalina gonna futher their study. Haven't ask them eh. So, lemme introduce my lovely girlfriends.

Dayang Nur Adiba Natasha. I know her since 2007. She used to have a very long and straight hair. She's prettayhh! Sometimes we like to annoy each other. Haha. Sometimes I just hate her annoying face. She was sooooooo easy to cry. Seriously.

Nur Fajrina. I know her since 2007 and start to be friend around 2008. This girl was so beautiful. Seriously. With no make up on her face, she still look so beautiful. Natural beauty. She have less face emotional. Many people say that our face look alike. Some say we're twins and some say we're siblings. LOL not at all.

Amalina. There this girl, she was so cute. Childish. And funny too. She always feel like people always ignore her. She was very fearless person because she always slept in the class while teacher teach infront of class. LOL sleepyhead! She loves cat. Cat-lover.We know each other since 2008 and be a bestfriend since 2010.

Nur Fatihahtun. So here le very talkactive pretty person that I ever met. Haha. It is hard to see her sad or cry. Sometimes she was so annoying, talk with high tone and have too many guy friends. Sometimes I just tired talking to her, she like to ask question and won't stop if people didn't answer her. LOL. I know her since 2010.

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