Friday, April 20, 2012

A day with them

Hello readers. Last Wednesday, I am going out with them, Le Nenens. Hahaha. So weird lah I call them like that but yeah we are crazy. LOL. That day, at 11 am Albert, Diba and Val pick me up from home. Then we go to Pujut 2 to pick Patrick. After that, we go to Tina's house while waiting for others bah. Plus, that day were rainy day bah. We thought lah hujan sampai petang, nasib hujan behenti few hours after that. Then, after semua Le Nenens sampai. We plan to eat and what should we do that day. We plan to eat at Pizza Hut at Parkson. Collect R<10 each. Then sampai sia at 1 pm camya. Forgot juak dah. Haha. Then order lah food. First order bill datang. Walauwehh. Malas mok mention berapa. Then, add another side order. Fuhh. I'm speechless lah tengok second bill. Dah kenyang semua nenen sekalian alam. Then, we go to Merdeka Mall to watch movie. Kinda lah, then sampai sia. Most of us simok tengok movie. So we decided to go karaoke on k-box and play some games. Wuhuuu. So enjoy bah time ya. After that, we plan to go to the beach. But, Tina, Zul, Fred and Gordon balik. After that, we decided to go to Beach Republic. Walk on the beach and taking picha. Jadi model lah konon. Then makan, but kali tok food is on Val. Awww thanks nenen Val :p Tengah makan ya, Malen, Sue, Bubu and Tehah go back. The only left to go for hunter that night was me, Diba, Val, Albert, Patrick and Chin. After a long thought, we go to Parkson to play bowling. My first time played bowling, uhlala belalak me main ya. Lain kali, mok ner-bowling gik. At, 10 pm. I arrived at home. Thanks to Albert the Supir that day. I love them so so so so muchhhh!

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