Thursday, March 29, 2012

Furture :o

Hello fellas. I applied to university and college somewhere around Miri today. I am so nervous when one of the college I registered replied my email and call me trough phone. Wuhh. I thought I was dreaming but hell yeah I am not :o Alhamdulillah. They told me to go to their place tomorrow noon. Maybe I wont come cause there are too many business I havta settle first. Like a boss :p LOL Woah I am so afraid to face my future. What will I be a years from now? I hope I'll be at the right place with people that I love. Aminn. Gosh. Got to go now. Paramore's consert in my stomache. Haha! I want to take bath and dinner, then waiting for Apik's call and sleep. Just to inform here. I already deactivated my Facebook account. Thank you and good bye!

  Farah Nadirah Ismail

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