Friday, June 3, 2011


asalammualaikum semua and hello everybodyyyyy :) ada bad news dan ada good news. nak dengar yang mana satu dulu ekk? okayy, bad news lahh. my lovely EX boyfie dumped me. he said that he want to focus in his study. but hell yeahh, actually he had a new girlfriend. I wonder who is she. HAHA. she was so 'lucky' daaahh do I care? NO ;DD stop at heree, my bad news is not interesting punn. GOODNEWSSS. I got new dress, new shawl and cash from Ayahh. GREATT! HIHI What Ayah said before is true, not too much inlove with someone. Yeah. Too much is hurts. SPM is more valueble is it? I'm still young. I must enjoy my single life. Seriously, I don't interested in love. I just interested with my family, my girlfriends, my books and Mr.SPM. uhhhh that is so HOTTT. who said single is pain? it awesome guyss. you can do whatever you likee. yess WHATEVERRRR. ohh yaa. got to go nowww ;D

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